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Club 20

Alumni Club of the Boys & Girls Club of New Britain
Reconnect…and Stay Connected!

Club 20 is the official alumni organization for the Boys & Girls Club of New Britain—the nation’s 20th oldest Club.  Members of Club 20 value the role the Club plays in the community, positively impacting the lives of youth and teens.  Alumni are dedicated to the further development of youth in our communities.

  • Stay Connected
    Club 20 members remain connected to the Club and to peers who attended and participated at the Club throughout the decades.  Events are held to both celebrate the Club’s continued impact on kids and to bring together Club alumni around the values that are important to us!
  • Financial Support
    Club 20 alumni provide ongoing financial support to the Boys & Girls Club of New Britain through special fund raising events, annual campaign support, and special Club 20 projects.
  • Volunteer and Mentoring Support
    Alumni have diverse backgrounds and skills that are brought to bear on the current Cub’s operations and leadership.  Volunteering on committees, task forces, and the Board, as well as mentoring current Club members are all important works of gratitude and community leadership.
  • Club 20 Alumni Hall of Fame
    Periodically, our Club recognizes alumni who have contributed greatly to endeavors in life that shine a positive light on the role the Boys & Girls Club has played in their lives. Club 20 Hall of Famers are people who truly make a difference in our world.
  • Internships and Role Modeling at the Club
    Alumni are often invited to the Club to share their stories and serve as role models for current Club members. At our Club, members develop career and education competencies, a hopeful outlook, respect for oneself and others, and valuable life skills. We believe that all young people have great potential, and with access to alumni, opportunity for internships, alumni guidance, positive reinforcement, and inspiration, they can succeed. Young people advance when they know someone cares; when they have someone who will listen and help!

Club 20 alumni have experienced firsthand the life-changing impact that a positive role model and a safe environment to learn and have fun can have in the life of a kid. Our vision is to ensure that Boys & Girls Clubs are always there for kids who want - and need us - most. We invite you to share in our vision by joining Club 20.

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