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Policies & Guidelines

  Rules for Members

  1. Members must show membership card to get into the Club and programs each day.
  2. If you lose your membership card, you MUST buy a new one ($1.00)
  3. Do not lend your membership card to anyone
  4. All hats must come off once inside the Club
  5. Coats and book bags must be hung in the designated areas only (Game room area)
  6. Foul language (swearing, name-calling, etc.) will NOT be tolerated
  7. NO Fighting (Keep your hands to yourself!)
  8. NO Running (Unless you are in the gym)
  9. NO Littering
  10. All members are expected to respect the staff, other members, and Club property
  11. The Club is not responsible for lost or stolen property
  12. Stealing will not be tolerated
  13. No "hanging out" in front of the building or parking lot
  14. Members who constantly leave the building will be asked to leave for the day
  15. No chewing gum in the building
  16. No food, soda, or snacks are allowed in the gym (Designated eating area is in the game room only)
  17. The use of discmans, MP3 players, handheld games, cell phones, etc. are not allowed in the Club
  18. Membership fees are not refundable.

The Boys & Girls Club of New Britain reserves the right to suspend members who do not follow these rules.

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  Membership Policies

  1. Membership is open to all boys and girls, ages 6 to 18. Proof of identification required.
  2. Youth must complete a club application and have a parent or guardian sign the form.
  3. The full annual fee must be paid (except in the cases where scholarship is awarded).
  4. Club rules must be followed at ALL times.
  5. A loss of Club privileges will occur if the member is suspended from school and/or has an open case by a law enforcement agency.

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  Childcare Policies

We are proud to be a NAEYC accredited program and have proven to be a high quality program.  All teaching staff are required to review and follow the ethical guidelines in their conduct as members of the Boys & Girls Club School Readiness Early Childhood teachers. A full set of policies for parents and/or guardians is provided at the beginning of each childcare session. All policy questions should be directed to the Director of Childcare.

Our childcare program is for preschool children and is limited to an enrollment of 40. Our program is part of New Britain's school readiness collaboration and is funded by the State of Connecticut.

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  Volunteer Guidelines

Coming Soon

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 Inclement Weather Policy


On days when schools close early due to inclement weather, the Boys & Girls Club will be CLOSED.  All members that are normally bussed to the Boys & Girls Club after school must take the same bus home from school that they took to school that morning.


On scheduled school half days, when the weather conditions are forecast to deteriorate in the afternoon, the Boys & Girls Club will be CLOSED.  All members that are normally bussed to the Boys & Girls Club after school must take the same bus home from school that they took to school that morning.


On days when schools cancel all after school activities due to inclement weather, the Boys & Girls Club will be CLOSED. All members that are normally bussed to the Boys & Girls Club after school must take the same bus home from school that they took to school that morning.


If schools close for the entire day, the Boys & Girls Club may or may not open depending on weather conditions. If the Club does open, it will be at 3:00 PM.  You can either call the Club after 2:00PM or check NBC Connecticut/WVIT television station.

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  Anti-Bullying Policy

Policy Statement:
The Boys & Girls Club of New Britain operates all activities, programs, and services with a zero-tolerance approach to bullying and other forms of victimizing.  It is the Club’s expectation that all members adhere to a policy of respectful behavior.  The Club will do everything in its lawful power to reduce the incidence of bullying and bully-type behaviors, and to proactively create an atmosphere of respect, tolerance, dignity, and human rights.

The Boys & Girls Club of New Britain uses as its model the State of Connecticut Public Act 11-232, An Act Concerning the Strengthening of School Bullying Laws Based on the law for Connecticut schools, the Boys & Girls Club of New Britain will (1) adopt and maintain a clear policy against bullying behaviors; (2) train all staff who interact with youth on how to prevent bullying; (3) ensure that all staff take immediate action whenever they observe bullying or receive a report; and (4) gather data to assess the extent of bullying while participating at Club-sponsored activities, on or off site.

Definition of Bullying:
For purposes of the Club’s environment and its expectations of its members, staff, and volunteers, the BGCA defines bullying as:

  • An attack of intimidation toward another with the intention to cause fear, distress, or harm, that is either:
    • Physical (e.g., hitting, punching, tripping, pushing)
    • Verbal (e.g., name calling, teasing, hand signals or inappropriate gestures, yelling, using inappropriate language)
    • Psychological/Relational (e.g. rumors, social exclusion, mind games, etc.)
    • Digital (e.g. inappropriate comments on social media websites, posting photos without permission, etc.) “Cyber bullying” and other forms of electronic aggression are defined as bullying.
  • A real or perceived imbalance of power between the “bully” and the victim.
  • Repeated attacks or intimidation, no matter the severity, between the same youth over time.

Rectifying the Situation:
Staff cannot possibly be everywhere at all times, but in cases where acts of bullying are witnessed or reported, either from the victim or a third-party, staff will immediately cease the situation, should the act be occurring. Then the staff will begin the process as noted below, if there is merit in the case.

  • In all cases of reported “bullying”—even before fact-finding based on the allegations—the Club staff will attempt to sort out cases of actual bullying versus isolated cases of brawling, arguments, physical altercations, etc.
  • In cases where alleged “bullying” behaviors are prolonged, continual, and/or combined with oral epitaphs, racial slurs, or other prohibited behaviors, staff will consider the situation to be a bullying offense.
  • The Club staff will intervene in all anti-social behavior that is brought to its attention or witnessed; counseling each of the participants will occur.
  • When bullying is witnessed or reported to any Boys & Girls Club employee or volunteer, and the alleged incident is found to be an actual case of bullying, the following will occur:
    • All care will be taken to immediately interrupt any active incident of bullying
    • Employee will make an oral report to the appropriate staff manager, within one day of the alleged incident.  Fact-finding will occur.  Then the following steps will take place:
      • Employee will submit a written report to the Front Desk Manager within three days of the alleged incident
      • Promptly after receiving the report, the Director of Programs or his designee will complete an investigation
      • Within 48 hours of the incidence, staff will notify parents of the Club’s actions, including its response and consequences
  • In rare situations where local authorities, school officials, or law officials must be brought into the situation, the Club will proactively involve the appropriate authorities.

Boys & Girls Club Proactive Approach to Creating and Maintaining a Safe, Trusting, and Respectful Environment:
The Boys & Girls Club of New Britain follows the BGCA five-part plan of action:

  1. Create, communicate, and implement policies and procedures, including appropriate responses for Club staff to use when handling bullying incidents.
  2. Establish a Club Prevention Specialist who evaluates each situation and determines appropriate actions and consequences; gathers facts and information about the alleged incident; and imposes consequences on the member who bullied other(s).
  3. Annually survey the bullying reports and make recommendations to the staff team about how to further strengthen the Club’s environment against bullying.
  4. Train staff to recognize and respond. This will occur annually.
  5. Involve older teens (16-18) in meaningful roles as role models for anti-bullying

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